Do kids need to wear sunglasses?

Why do kids need to wear sunglasses?

On a sunny day it’s not uncommon to see most adults wearing sunglasses. You may see a handful of kids wearing sunglasses, but they’re usually spotted squinting into the bright light with no eye protection in sight. Sunglasses can look adorable on kids, but there are far more important reasons why kids should be protecting their eyes.

So, do kids need to wear sunglasses? The short answer is - yes. Just like you feel like your eyes are taking strain in the sun, so do your kids, except they’re unlikely to let you know. Their younger eyes are also more susceptible to sun damage.

Make it a habit and instead of considering sunglasses as a cute fashion accessory – make them an everyday essential and take them everywhere. Teach them to wear sunglasses whenever they go outside so that they can start protecting their eyes early and reduce the risk of many preventable eye damage.  Remember that there are UV rays everyday – even on cloudy days.

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Here are 3 reasons why kids sunglasses are essential

Kids eyes are more susceptible to UV damage

Children spend far more time outside and therefore receive more sun exposure than adults. Most of our lifetime UV exposure happens before we turn 18. Unlike adult eyes, children's eyes are still maturing and cannot filter out the harmful UV rays as effectively. Children's eyelids and skin around the eye are delicate and more vulnerable than adult skin.

This increased exposure to sunlight increases risk of eye damage from ultraviolet (UV) light — an invisible  form of electromagnetic radiation that comes from the sun. While UV C Rays do not reach the earth’s surface, UV A and UV B rays do and are responsible for causing damage to skin and eyes.

There also are some short-term physical side effects from too much UV light, including photokeratitis which is like “sunburn for the eyes”. This occurs when UV rays reflect off sand, water, ice and snow, or if you stare at the sun.

 Sunglasses protect against dust and debris

We all know kids love to play and run outside. Sunglasses help to keep dust, sand and pollen out of your child’s eyes and even low obstacles like branches or leaves. Especially in windy environments or in the playground or beach, sunglasses prevent debris getting in their eyes.

Sunglasses protect against eye strain and glare.

The sun can cause kids to squint into the sun causing eye strain. This causes tension around the eyes even leading to headaches and tension.

Just because kids are under a hat or umbrella, reflective rays can still cause sun damage. This is especially relevant in areas around water or even on a pavement or sandy area.

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Picking the right pair:

  1. Ensure the sunglasses are lightweight and a comfortable fit so that your child is happy to keep them on.
  2. Look for wide lenses. This ensures the sensitive skin around the eyes is protected too.
  3. Look for lenses that provide 100% UV protection. The lens material should filter harmful UV rays (UVA and UVB) to prevent them from reaching the eye.
  4. Polarized lenses help reduce eye strain by reducing glare in bright and reflective environments. An essential if you spend time around water!
  5. Lens category 3 is recommended. The category is the level of tint the lenses have and category 3 is recommended for sunny and bright conditions.
  6. Durability is key. The frames should be able to bend and twist and withstand being handled by little hands.

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